Internationalisation tips for Java and JavaFX


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Java internationalisation (i18n) tips:

I do not like large Resource Bundle files when I write multi-language desktop applications in Swing or JavaFX. So I wanted to use a resource file for each module in my applications. I’ve written a util class  with enum as below. Now I can use this utility from anywhere.

package com.devsniper.lagoserp.util;

import java.util.MissingResourceException;
import java.util.ResourceBundle;

 * Resource Bundle helper.
 * Each module has its own resource bundle file for i18n strings.
 * Always read default locale from Locale.getDefault().
 * Use of I18n:
 *      I18n.MODULE_NAME.getString("stringKey");
 * @see ResourceBundle
 * @author cem ikta
public enum I18n {
    // module with resource files

    private ResourceBundle resourceBundle;

    I18n(String bundleFile) {
        resourceBundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle(bundleFile);

     * Gets a string for the given key from resource bundle.
     * @param key the key for the desired string
     * @return the string for the given key
    public String getString(String key) {
        try {
            return resourceBundle.getString(key);
        } catch (MissingResourceException e) {

            return "err#";

Call to use only I18n.MODULE.getString(“stringKey”)
I have two ResourceBundles for English and for German.

// set default locale english
Locale.setDefault(new Locale("en", "EN"));
// set default locale for German
// Locale.setDefault(new Locale("de", "DE"));
AppView appView = new AppView();

Desktop Applications with Java Swing

I’ve developed a long-time desktop applications with different languages​​. Gupta Team Developer was good with SQL-Databases, Visual Basic was simple and fast, Delphi was very nice with components. But Java Swing was quite different. In Swing, you had to write lots of code but you could easily to create your own swing component.

It was in swing very nice components, libs, look and feels like Substance, Flamingo, JGoodies, MigLayout, SwingX etc.

Unfortunately, Java Swing is no longer developed. Oracle wants to use JavaFX as a standard desktop and RIA components (in Java 8 already? Maybe, JavaFX 2.2 is now co-bundled with JDK 7u6 for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux).

For a long time I’m doing web projects using Java, Python and Ruby. But I now have a new desktop application written in Swing. The Screenshots here: