Pyramid framework settings in eclipse (aptana studio)

aptana studio 3 pyramid framework

How can i set up Pyramid Framework 1.3 in Eclipse or in Aptana Studio 3?

Sure, IDE is very important in software development(debugging, code assist, organize imports etc.). You can code python in editors, it is practical but diffucult for beginners.

Python and Django have eclipse plugin, there is no eclipse plugin for Pyramid Framework?

How i can run a Pyramid Project from Eclipse or Aptana Studio 3?

Steps :

1 – in Console : Create new pyramid 1.3.xx project :
On Linux:

   $ bin/pcreate -s alchemy MyProject

On Windows :

   > Scripts\pcreate -s alchemy MyProject

2 – Install your newly created project for development

   $ cd MyProject
   $ ../bin/python develop

On Windows :

   > cd MyProject
   > ..\Scripts\python.exe develop

3 – In Aptana Studio 3 : Create new PyDev project and give project content path as your Pyramid Project path


4 – For run configuration add a  pyramid_run variable in menu : Window > Preferences > in list PyDev – Interpreter – Python in tab String Substitution Variables – click Add variable and give key and value as in the screenshot below. On MS Windows select Scripts\ instead pserve.


5 – Add a run configuration in menu : Run -> Run Configuration on the left side on Python Run node Right Click : New Click and give run configuration settings and run.



6 – Your pyramid application runs on browser.