Customers Java Swing Application with Source Code


I have developed the Customers Java Swing Application Demo. This application may be useful for developers who want to use Flamingo, Substance and SwingX.

Technology stack:

Model View Controller (MVC) vs Model View Presenter (MVP):

The Customers Java Swing Application Demo has MVC design pattern such as Java Swing. MVP is also popular for Desktop and RIA. Which is best, there are many discussions. Martin Fowler has written very good explanations for GUI Architectures. You may like to read.

Models and Services:

I have written entities with NamedQueries in JPA and Hibernate. The services are very simple with Generic AbstractService.


Full source code on Bitbucket

* Customers Java Swing Application images and icons credit: and

Desktop Applications with Java Swing

I’ve developed a long-time desktop applications with different languages​​. Gupta Team Developer was good with SQL-Databases, Visual Basic was simple and fast, Delphi was very nice with components. But Java Swing was quite different. In Swing, you had to write lots of code but you could easily to create your own swing component.

It was in swing very nice components, libs, look and feels like Substance, Flamingo, JGoodies, MigLayout, SwingX etc.

Unfortunately, Java Swing is no longer developed. Oracle wants to use JavaFX as a standard desktop and RIA components (in Java 8 already? Maybe, JavaFX 2.2 is now co-bundled with JDK 7u6 for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux).

For a long time I’m doing web projects using Java, Python and Ruby. But I now have a new desktop application written in Swing. The Screenshots here: