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产品名称:steam ;indicator ;ink

The ink is also known as pressure steam sterilization Ink (Steam-Sterilization Chemical Indicator) for the rapid detection of sterilization and disinfection process and effect

First, the application method

The utility model can be used for the printing of the outer package of the indicator card, the adhesive tape, the sterilizing bag or the disposable sterilized article. This product adopts the advanced technology of the United States, is a comprehensive indicator, can be used for the exhaust (121 degrees) and pre vacuum (132 degrees) pressure steam sterilization pot, no longer be made separately of the two indicators.

A. indicator card: it is recommended to use screen printing. The card can use whiteboard card or coin card, can not use plastic coated paper, printed card products and pay attention to moisture, heat, plastic packaging products as soon as possible, the card is valid for two years.

B. tape: it is recommended to use gravure printing or flexographic printing. The medical adhesive solvent based adhesive material can be used cloth or paper base. Such as back tape can require suppliers to make special, but also can not be coated with isolation agent. Tape storage period of 18 months.

C. disinfection bag or outer packing: it is recommended to use flexo printing or gravure printing can be, then paper heat.

D. disinfection bag or outer packing: using flexographic printing medical dialysis paper, and paper plastic sealing, flexo printing, ink roller with NBR rollers or polyurethane rollers.

E. self sealing sterilization bag built-in sterilization instructions (can be double-sided plastic without affecting the sterilization effect)

Two, the use of finished products

A. will be placed at the point of the most difficult to reach the steam, when the sterilization conditions, the color change from blue to dark green, or yellow to brown black, or from blue to brown black.

B. after sterilization, comparison on the card standard dark brown or greenish, if reached or deep in the standard dark brown or greenish, said to the sterilization conditions, if the indicator light green or black ink on the standard, that does not meet the "sterilization conditions".

C. packaging that does not meet the "sterilization conditions" shall not be used and should be sterilized.

D. This product is a chemical indicator, indicating only the "sterilization conditions", regular use of biological indicators or bacterial culture for calibration.

Three, printing conditions

1 screen printing ink:

Net silk: 220-280 mesh

Thinner: cyclohexanone and xylene 1:1 can be used as diluent

Print thickness: >25um

Maximum dilution ratio: 50%

2 flexo printing ink:

Ink roller: used NBR or polyurethane rollers

Thinner: butanol mixed with butyl acetate 1:1, or isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate 1:1 as diluent.

Printing speed: 80-150m/min

Maximum dilution ratio: 100%

Ink roller: 180-240 line

Four, product standards

This product in the national standard has not been carried out during the production, storage, labeling, packaging, performance, such as the implementation of the ISO (11140) /95-Sterilization health care products-chemical indicators standards. The main contents of the standard are described as follows:

1 under the condition of dry heat 140+ 2 degrees, 30+1 minutes, the indicator should not change color or color change and the color change after the steam sterilization. Note: our products under the above conditions are less than the standard color black 1/2

2 indicator in pressure steam sterilization, under the following conditions can not change color:

A.121+ 3 degrees, the time is less than 3 minutes;

B.134+ 3 degrees, time less than 30 seconds;

3 indicator must be changed in the following conditions when pressure steam is sterilized:

A.121+ 3 degrees, no more than 10 minutes;

B.134+ 3 degrees, no more than 2 minutes;

Five, product type

1 ink jet printing ink (alcohol soluble),

Blue, black, blue, green, red, brown, black, yellow, brown, black, yellow, and black.

2 flexible printing steam sterilization indication ink (alcohol soluble)

Blue, black, blue, green, red, brown, black, yellow, brown, black, yellow, and black

3 we provide steam sterilization indicator tape, steam sterilization indicator label,

Six, product preservation conditions

At 5 degrees C -15 cool and dry environment for a period of preservation of storage for a period of six months, after the opening of the packaging should be used within the next 15 days, if not used, please add a small amount of diluent preservation, printing drying room temperature conditions for two years.

The steam ink is easy to use, in the use of the process can be adjusted according to the conditions of printing ink viscosity, the maximum dilution ratio reached 100%, adding diluent after fully mixing, printing and color to achieve the best results. Product color stability, dry summer version, the number of printing, one kilogram can be printed 600 thousand points (0.05 1cm), there is no precipitation phenomenon.

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